About us

Rezzonica Castelbarco, was born in Milan and graduated in Film History. After working in advertising and film, she began working in RAI as a producer (1983 – 84). She then moved to New York to work as a correspondent for the RAI Tre Italian broadcasting station as well as collaborating with Immagina and Publimania – (1985 – 1988). During her time in New York she made a series of documentaries on the New York art and cultural scene. Once back in Milan, she continued her collaborations with a number of American television networks as well as conceiving and designing an exhibition on the relationship between film and television and film and technology in collaboration with the New York Broadcasting Museum. (Leonardo Project, Science Museum, Milan 1990). Her focus has gradually moved away from film production and research and since the 90’s she has been mainly involved in design and the conception of spatial environments.

Cristina Magliano has been involved in photography, design and music ever since an early age as part of her family tradition and was immediately drawn to the cello. She moved from Genoa to Milan in the Eighties where she embarked on her career as an interior designer, working on both public and private spaces.

In 1998 Rezzonica Castelbarco and Cristina Magliano set up Cambiofaccia  company, a design lab involved in the restyling of furnitures, the creation of installations, interior decoration and fitting of public and private spaces.

Cambiofaccia took part in the Fuori Salone del Mobile Exibition with site-specific projects.

In 2014 Cambiofaccia evolved into Donne Illuminate, a project totally devoted to light scenic design: light fittings that are halfway between art and design. The vision behind the project is to experiment contaminations with other arts: painting, sculpture and photography.

Special attention is paid to the choice of materials, to the realization only handcraftsmanship, to the mixture between classical forms and innovation.